Rhinojewel Bonus Modeling Tools

The Rhinojewel Bonus Modeling Tools group features tools which vary in scope and application: a project Time Tracker, a group of tools related to STL files and Rapid Prototyping technologies, part libraries, contour extraction tools, a Sliced View tool and many more tools which speed up and simplify the modeling process.

Have a look at the videos below to see how these commands can be used when you are creating jewelry designs.

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Jewelry Design Interface - Interactive Menus  

Download Video 1 (AVI, 7Mb, 1:31')

Rhinojewel presents a totally new interface specifically developed to facilitate and speed up the jewelry design process. All tools and subtollbars can be viewed without having to perform a single click, just by dragging the cursor of your mouse over them. The interface is simple, quick and intuitive. Tools are grouped according to jewelry design logic and make extensive use of easy to follow dockable windows.


Project Time Tracker in Rhinojewel 5.0 Project Time Tracker


Download Video 1 (AVI, 11Mb, 1:11')

This tool helps keep track of the time spent on any given modeling project. When you exit a project the information about the time spent on it is saved so that you can easily work during separate sessions. The Project Time Tracker can be customized to momentarily stop counting time after X seconds of inactivity and will keep track of time even if inadvertently shut down.


STL and RP Positioning Tools in Rhinojewel 5.0 STL and RP Positioning Tools


Download Video 1 (AVI, 19Mb, 0:40')

This group of tools is particularly useful to users of Rapid Prototyping solutions. All the features can be accessed from a single dockable window. There are tools to assist with converting objects into high quality mesh to save into STL format and there are tools that simplify and speed up the positioning of your models onto Rapid Prototyping build plates, like for example the ones for Solidscape 3D printers.


Sliced View in Rhinojewel 5.0 Sliced View


Download Video 1 (AVI, 14Mb, 1:17')

This tool allows internal views of your models following any of the three axis, a feature which is useful to make sure there are no mistakes prior to rapid prototyping. The Distance icon included within the tool makes it is easy to check wall thickness in any part of a model, avoiding common pitfalls such as overly fragile walls or pieces which are heavier than intended.


Extract Contour from Curves in Rhinojewel 5.0 Extract Contour from Curves


Download Video 1 (AVI, 3Mb, 0:26')

Allows to extract the contour curves of any group of overlapping flat closed curves, without having to resort to the trim command. This tool is more suited to simple silhouettes while for more complex openwork shapes it is advisable to use the following tool called Extract Contour from Surfaces.


Extract Contour from Surfaces in Rhinojewel 5.0 Extract Contour from Surfaces


Download Video 1 (AVI, 16Mb, 1:53')

Allows to extract the contour curves of any group of overlapping flat surfaces, without having to resort to the trim command. This tool analyses a complete set of surfaces and extracts only its corresponding contour curves, even when any of the surfaces are overlapping. The resulting contour curves can be extruded to create a solid.


Quadruple Symmetry in Rhinojewel 5.0 Quadruple Symmetry


Download Video 1 (AVI, 3Mb, 0:38')

Allows to perform quadruple symmetries of an object and is particularly useful when creating any kind of prong setting. Moving the original prong automatically moves the remaining three.


Automatic Multiple Sweep 2 Rails in Rhinojewel 5.0 Automatic Multiple Sweep 2 Rails


Download Video 1 (AVI, 67Mb, 4:37')

This tool is used during the creation of complex pave designs featuring many stones and a pierced honeycomb style gallery. The tool detects all rails and cross sections in your selection and automatically performs all two rail sweeps, saving you hundreds of time consuming mouse clicks.


Multiple Intersections on Object in Rhinojewel 5.0 Multiple Intersections on Object


Download Video 1 (AVI, 19Mb, 0:40')

This tool allows to create the intersection curves between a main object and a group of other objects while avoiding to create any eventual intersections between the secondary group of objects.


1D Scale Perpendicular to Surface in Rhinojewel 5.0 1D Scale Perpendicular to Surface


Download Video 1 (AVI, 15Mb, 0:44')

Scales in one dimension and perpendicular to the surface, from the center of the object or from the surface. It can be used to modify prongs and beads (micro-prongs) or to work with textures. It is possible to stretch or compress all objects simultaneously by a common scale factor or each one of them individually in visual real time.


Multiple Volume Centroid in Rhinojewel 5.0 Multiple Volume Centroid


Download Video 1 (AVI, 6Mb, 0:38')

Places a point in the center of multiple objects to facilitate their subsequent rotation and or scaling from center.


Multiple Offset Tools in Rhinojewel 5.0 Multiple Offset Tools


Download Video 1 (AVI, 11Mb, 1:49')

Allows to create offsets of multiple open or closed curves, with the option to carry out internal offsets, external offsets or offset on both sides. This tool can be used to give thickness to a simple line drawing or to increase thickness of more complex 2D designs. It is good practice to create the new offsets into a different layer to keep them separate.


Multiple Scale in Rhinojewel 5.0 Multiple Scale


Download Video 1 (AVI, 19Mb, 0:40')

Allows to scale multiple objects from their center by specifying a scale factor. This tool is particularly useful when having applied the drills we decide to make all of them slightly smaller so that the stone setter may enlarge the stone seats and achieve maximum luster of the metal.