Upgrade from TechGems 4.x to Rhinojewel 5.0

TechGems users can upgrade to Rhinojewel through their local Rhinojewel resellers and enjoy the innumerable advantages and new tools of this latest version.
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From TechGems to Rhinojewel

Here is a list of the 10 main reasons why you should upgrade:

  1. Rhinojewel has been reprogrammed from the ground up with the latest programming languages that greatly improve the speed of all its tools and have made it possible to add new features which could not be included in any of the older versions of TechGems.

  2. Rhinojewel presents the ultimate user interface designed to speed up and facilitate the process of creating jewelry in 3D: focus is on simplicity, intuition of workflow and speed of execution. The icons and tools in Rhinojewel have been ordered and grouped following the most logical progression for jewelry applications, they are easy to find and intuitive for those new to CAD yet they remain familiar to veteran users of Rhino or TechGems. Our builders and other powerful tools present dockable windows which provide a step by step guide for all levels of users.

  3. We have introduced one more customizable extra feature which we called the Koala Interface: like Koalas this feature likes comfort. Unlike a Koala it also likes LIGHTNING SPEED!!! It works by allowing you to visualize or open toolbars and subtoolbars simply by dragging the cursor over them, saving users an incredible number of extra clicks. The Koala Interface can be deactivated but once you try it you will never look back.

  4. Rhinojewel provides users with continuous free updates which can be downloaded from the Rhinojewel web page. We have a team of programmers who are constantly working to improve tools and add new features. While we make every effort to provide you with a bug-free experience we have also included an automatic online bug-reporting system which gives you the option to notify our programmers whenever a bug does occur.

  5. Upgrading from TechGems 4.0, 4.1 or 4.2 to Rhinojewel can be done for a minimal cost and gives you access to the latest and most powerful jewelry design tools on the market.

  6. Rhinojewel contains several new tools which allow you to model in seconds what used to take hours: channel-set and prong-set eternity ring creators, bezel and prong setting creators, pattern for laser engraving tool, 3D Textures, etc. all of these will enable you to express your creativity to its full potential.

  7. Rhinojewel works in close collaboration with some of the best and most innovative companies in the industry like Swarovski (high precision calibrated gemstones), Solidscape (rapid prototyping and rapid manufacturing), Sisma Laser (cutting, marking and welding lasers) and many more. Because we enjoy a close partnership with these companies we are in the optimal position to bring you the best CAD tools enabling you to work with the latest technologies and products for the jewelry sector.

  8. We provide you with the best possible training so that you can learn to make your best possible jewelry. We have over thirteen years of experience teaching CAD applied to jewelry design and manufacturing and now thanks to our extensive range of video-tutorials you can learn Rhinojewel from anywhere in the world.

  9. Bonus material for registered Rhinojewel users: online support, training, downloads, video tutorials, tips and advice, news and a lot more can be accessed through a private area in the Rhinojewel web page.

  10. Registered Rhinojewel users will also be able to advance their own requests for features and tools they would like to see developed and included into future versions of the software. Requests for new features will make up a "Wish List" whose ranking everyone will be able to determine.